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Thailand, a Southeast Asian country, is characterized by its exoticism, crystalline waters, gastronomy and culture so different from other countries. Buddhism is the official religion of Thailand since it is practiced by 95% of the population, which is also one of the main reason forvisits. As mentioned earlier, gastronomy is one of the strong points of this region, where rice and rice noodles can never be missed and the most consumed meat is pork and chicken. It is characterized by the variety of aromas and flavors as there is used a multitude of different sauces. The climate is tropical, it is a very hot place at the same time humid, divided into three seasons; warm, hot and rainy. The incredible details of the country are the temples; the most famous is the "Temple of Buddha of Hope" which holds in its interior the Buddha of Esmeralda, the most revered Buddha of the country. Other temples that you can not miss in Thailand are the "Temple of the Golden Buddha" (inside there is the gold Buddha), the "Temple of the Reclining Buddha", the "Temple of the Dawn" (located at the foot of the river), Chao Phraya (79 meters high), "Chiang Mai" and etc ...

Its beaches are the most exotic thanks to its crystal clear waters and its incredible landscapes where palm trees and fine sand predominate. The most highlighted is the the Phang Nga Bay.

Thailand is a paradise for animal lovers, especially white elephants which are the symbol of royalty and are considered sacred. Thanks to its tropical climate, the land is inhabited by a multitude of exotic species such as tigers, gibbons, langurs, black scorpions, Burmese python and much more! Discover every corner of this country, it will leave you impacted!